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Cyanoacrylates are one-component adhesives that cure at room temperature. Ideal curing conditions are given at a relative humidity of 40 to 70 %. Components can be fixed in just seconds thanks to the adhesives’ high reaction speed. After extremely fast curing, the components bonded cannot be adjusted anymore after joining. Therefore, cyanoacrylates are excellent for bonding small bonding areas.

DELO-CA® adhesive is used to quickly fix caps to threaded connectors of scissors. The adhesive gives excellent adhesion to plastic and is easy to handle.

DELO-CA® adhesive quickly fixes the diode in the housing of an optical converter. Fast curing enables short cycle times.



  •  Fast fixing in just seconds
  •  High-strength bonding of a great variety of materials
  •  Easy handling and trouble-free dispensing


DELO-CA® 2153
DELO-CA® 2348
DELO-CA® 2905

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